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PRIVILEGED much? Conservatives OWN David Frum for shaming people's anonymity online

Oh goodie, clearly we needed to hear David Frum’s ‘unbiased’ opinion on what happened with CNN threatening to ‘doxx’ a private citizen over a gif.


Guess whose ‘side’ he’s on:

Umm … what?

Clearly David has never had to worry about his job or his family when saying something online.


Do you honestly think David thinks about any of his tweets for very long before posting them?


How can they threaten to destroy people who disagree with them if they don’t know their names?



Of course we all know this is just David pretending that CNN was somehow justified in tormenting a person over an animated gif but still, what a knob.

Seeing a theme here, David.


Let’s not pretend any of us are surprised he tweeted this anti-intellectualism.

It’s what he does best.

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