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WAAAAH! Journos cry about James O'Keefe, that they 'have to be careful what they say'

Boo. Freakin’. Hoo.

The media did this to themselves folks, they became a grossly biased; propaganda machine for the Democratic Party and are getting caught on video admitting it.


Gosh, journos have it SO ROUGH:

Wait, so journos should be worried that someone else might tape them … while they’re taping others?

What is this exactly, like the EVILS of citizen journalism?

Poor babies.

Exactly. They could become the story now, and we all know they don’t like THAT.


Awwwww, we are crying for them on the INSIDE.


We noticed that too – they’re not concerned about the garbage these people are saying on video. They’re concerned because they got caught.

People are onto them …



CNN’s ‘New Day’ producer subject of latest James O’Keefe video, says voters are ‘stupid as sh*t’

‘Sensing a pattern’? Latest O’Keefe video rings some bells

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