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Kathy Griffin sends 1st tweet on Father's Day following weeks-long silence after ugly attack on Trump

Full disclosure, the editor of this piece was very tempted to write a mock-worthy takedown of Kathy Griffin for her first tweet since the stunt she pulled with Donald Trump’s severed, bloody head.


Was totally ready to just nuke her.

Then it occurred to said editor that by doing so we are no better than her; sure, traffic for a piece going after her in the same regard that she went after Barron’s dad would likely garner a good deal of traffic.

Again though, nothing would be learned from that and we would be just as ugly as she was.

So instead, we will just share the first tweet Kathy Griffin has sent out in weeks:

For Father’s Day.

Hopefully she’ll see that we acknowledged her without mocking her father, and maybe she’ll learn a thing or two from it.

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