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Mad Dog JENNA?! Jenna Jameson has a simple yet BRUTAL strategy for defeating terrorism

How hard do you think terrorists laugh at people who think the only way to stop them is by refusing to be scared of them?

Seriously, this hasn’t exactly worked out so hot over the past two decades; no matter how many people refuse to be fearful the terrorists keep on killing innocents.


Remember when the Left said they just needed jobs? HA!

And then there’s this:

By definition? Where did he get his Dictionary, Dummies are Us?

Personally we like Jenna Jameson’s strategy WAY more:

So many times would-be gunman would have shot up areas if they hadn’t seen those gun-free zone signs … TOTALLY.

Maybe it’s just an air conditioning thing? Climate change?



The only thing we would add is that we need more women on the front lines, they’re terrified of a woman killing them because of that whole 72 virgins thing and Hell thing.

And sorry, but wanting to destroy evil doesn’t mean we’re afraid, it just means evil needs to be destroyed.


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