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'Karma's a b*tch!' Chuck Todd whines about GOP's plan to make 2018 a 'referendum on media'

Uh oh.

The media is getting pissy with Republicans for using their own behavior against them.

Or at least that’s how WE read this:


From McClatchy DC Bureau:

This is not run-of-the-mill Republican criticism of the press anymore. It is now a deliberate strategy to help GOP candidates win elections fueled by public hatred of reporters.

Funny how the media is pretending Republicans MADE THEM act like propagandists for the Left, how they’re somehow victims in all of this. And by funny we mean sad, ridiculous and pathetic, all in one.

Speaking of sad, Chuck Todd is especially fussy:

Yes Chuck, the media is pathetic and self defeating.

Thanks for admitting it.

And why would you be sorry for the GOP? They’re going to win elections in 2018 based on the media’s asinine behavior; in essence the media is giving Republicans even more power.



Reminder, karma’s only a bitch when you’re one first.


It’s ok when THEY do it, duh.


These snobby, smug elites are clueless about how real, everyday Americans feel.

Right? Hey Chuck, Trump says thanks!


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