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What fresh Hell is THIS?! Chelsea Clinton tweets about 'World Menstrual Hygiene Day', gagging ensues

Dear God, make it STOP!

We get it, Chelsea feels the need to remain somehow relevant now that her mother was embarrassed in the 2016 presidential election but c’mon, even she must know this is just … gross.


Yes. It’s gross, and that’s coming from a female Twitchy editor. You’re welcome.

Look, we’re sorry that women around the world have issues with their periods but this isn’t necessarily something we need a freakin’ day to raise awareness about.

Having your period sucks. There, the end. Awareness raised.


Ugh, we don’t know but even if it’s not, Chelsea seems damned determined to make it one.



Yes, please run. LOL.



Progressives. *shrug*


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