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OOPSIE: Chelsea Clinton accidentally proves that Social Justice Warriors are FULL of crap

Chelsea Clinton is doing this new thing where she attempts to engage people who are obviously trolling her, possibly in an attempt to look less robotic and awkward.


But sadly it’s just not working out for her.

Like this exchange:

Fair question.

It’s easy to sit on the sidelines complaining, pointing fingers and sniffing glitter glue (which is what Social Justice Warriors do) so how about some solutions?

Alrighty then.

Easy to agree with outlawing child marriage, but then she went down the SJW yellow brick road with more big government programs and nonsense like equal pay which has been the law for nearly 60 years.

So basically Chelsea’s solution to SJW issues is just more SJW issues.



Well of course she did, Cody.

FYI she never addressed Cody’s concerns again.



Once a Clinton always a Clinton.

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