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Freudian SLIP? Sally Kohn rants about Trump and Saudi Arabia, makes EPIC Hillary typo

This sounds promising.


So job creation which the GOP promised – win win, yes?

Unless of course you’re Sally Kohn who would pretend Trump was putting people out of work if he cured cancer.

Note the typo:

Pretty sure Sally meant to say HATE monger but this was perfect.

Guess if you type #ImWithHer enough times it sort of comes naturally to make that typo, especially if you’re tweeting about hate and Saudi Arabia.

How many millions did Hillary take from the evil Saudis?

If this were Hillary making this deal Sally would be thumping her chest and tweeting about girl power crap.

That was different.

Or something.


It’s sort of confusing, honestly. For years Sally has been talking about how peaceful Muslims are and how they support the LGBT community – pretty sure Saudi Arabia practices Sharia Law.

Maybe she just now figured out that’s not a good thing?


But Trump.


Sadly the Left spent eight years doing whatever it could to pretend Obama was doing a good job, so now no one can take them seriously about anything.


That being said, not sure we ever could take them seriously but still.


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