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THE END IS NEAR! Chelsea Clinton shares apocalyptic tweet (BUT she can't worry about it right now)

Stephen Hawking thinks humans have 100 years left on Earth … well that’s disconcerting.

From Stephen Hawking via The World Economic Forum:

Hawking explains that humankind’s days on Earth are already numbered because of climate change, asteroid strikes, epidemics, and overpopulation. The only way to survive? We need to change planets, and fast. A lot could happen in 100 years, and we’ve proven that we’re capable of discovering and developing many things within a century. But could we really go multi-planetary in that timeframe?


But ya’ know, even if the world is ending in 100 years Chelsea Clinton “just can’t” worry about it right now.

Wait, she’s not going to scare us all and insist that climate change is causing diabetes or something?

She must have other things on her mind …

Well the climate change thing is important but only when they can use it to complain about Trump or Republicans.

She’ll get to it later we’re sure.

Like other Democrats, Chelsea seems to have forgotten who was in charge for the last eight years. Yup.


So much to think about … POLAR BEARS ARE MELTING.

Wait, that’s not right.

Dude, he really is.


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