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Conservatives LIGHT Chris Cuomo UP when he asks STUPID question about Trump and Obama

Chris Cuomo seems to be feeling a little put upon today … waaaaah.


We don’t seem to recall ANYONE ever accusing him of being a shill for the right. But hey, whatever feeds his victim complex and helps him sleep better at night.

That being said, not entirely sure this was the smartest line of tweeting for Chris to go down today …


Chris though just doesn’t get it …

Dude must have been asleep for the last eight years.


Wow. And he thinks we’ll believe anyone has ever accused HIM of being a shill for the right? EL OH EL.

Gosh, what did Obama do that was questionable …

Oh yeah, that.

But Trump fired a guy he was well within his right to fire or something …

We’ll be here all day if we try and list all of the crap Obama pulled.

But let’s give it a shot anyway.


Good times, right?

And convenient.


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