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So THIS is embarrassing: Glenn Thrush makes dig at Hannity giving 'political advice', trips over Podesta

Glenn Thrush has been trying DESPERATELY to troll Sean Hannity, although he’d likely call it “investigative journalism” or some other smug BS to make it sound like what he’s doing is somehow meaningful.


And not just annoying.

Take for instance this tweet …

Gotta wonder if Glenn just forgot or deliberately ignored all of those emails the WORLD saw of his asking John Podesta to bless his articles about Hillary Clinton. Maybe he just hoped WE’D forget:

Oof. Yeah.


The media is so adorable, and by adorable we mean transparent and painfully hypocritical.

We think their new official title should be, “The Democrat’s Pompous Propaganda Wing.”

Has a nice ring to it, yes?

Once a hack, always a hack … right Glenn?



THIS cracked us up. Ok, so we know this person is trying to make a dig at Sean Hannity but OMG he/she/it could totally be talking about Glenn.

Or her/him/itself.

Seems even Democrats are getting tired of the media’s game … which makes the mockery all the more delicious, don’cha think?


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