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YIKES! This back and forth sparked by Lena Dunham's gyno-tweet is a 'VAJAYJAY' train wreck

Sorry for the visual folks, but hey, it’s our job here at Twitchy to bring you the latest and (not so) greatest on Twitter.

And we HAD to cover Lena Dunham tweeting about her gynecologist.


It’s like a rule written somewhere in Twitter TOS: “Twitchy will cover train wreck tweets, especially from Lena Dunham.”

Why oh why did she tweet this?!

OOF. That’ll leave a mark.

But then one of Lena’s fans, aka David Dresden (who has a blue check, shocker) got all fussy with Neontaster here and started this back and forth:

Stop it. We so don’t need that visual.

And seriously, a grown man using the word “vajayjay”?

You know that face you make when something really grosses you out? Yeah, thanks for that.


How dare you point out her white privilege … ha ha ha.

Oh good grief.

Wasn’t this guy just whining about someone else being mean to a woman? Hrm.

Oh wait indeed.


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