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Because SCIENCE! Slate says it's time to give up on facts (like they ever had any to begin with)

Well at least Slate is willing to admit it – facts, they don’t need no stinkin’ facts!


Oooh, gold star for “Stranger Things” reference.

And really, Slate? Let’s not pretend they’ve ever been known for their factual reporting … weren’t they the ones who wrote about how we shouldn’t treat pedophiles like monsters?


You know, we read through their timeline a lot and there is some truth to this. Honestly a couple of our editors have to drink more coffee and take extra vitamins each day just to get through Slate’s feed.

They’d have to use facts first to stop using them, truth.



And this is under their science section … SCIENCE.

Oh man.

Uh huh.

Slate “actually publishes” a lot of things where you think to yourself, “Wow, they actually published that.” In fact, we’re pretty sure they have the market on this type of article … wait, we said fact.

Our bad.

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