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Make it STOP! Bernie Sanders tries using the Constitution against Sessions and it's JUST embarrassing

Now this is just ri-damn-diculous from Bernie.


Bernie … invoking the Constitution.


And sorry but maybe he missed it, but that last couple of AGs under Obama were absolutely clueless (like him) about the Constitution and used their positions to target people for their own agendas.

See Ferguson. See Fast and Furious. See hanging out with Bill Clinton on an airplane.

But the Constitution or something, man!


But that’s not how Democrats work.

For example, the night Trump picked Gorsuch, the protesters wrote his name in with marker on their signs. It’s never about principles, instead it’s about playing the victim over and over and over again.


It’s all they know.

Of course he is, but Bernie will never admit it.

None of them will EVER admit Sessions it the right man for the job because Trump picked him.

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