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LOVE TRUMPS HATE! WATCH woman in Trump hat pepper sprayed by 'peaceful' Berkeley rioter [video]

Gotta love those peaceful rioters with their message of peace, love and understanding.

Unless you’re a Trump supporter, like this poor gal who made the mistake of well … wearing a red baseball cap.


The horror.

Yeah, there is no excuse for this.

Seriously, this is just some BS bullying going on at this point. Or what some wearing tinfoil might call fascism … *adjusts tinfoil hat*

She even gives props to the protesters who are there to make a statement and doing so peacefully, right before one of them sprays her.

Now some are questioning if it’s pepper spray or not, but the fact is they wanted to harm her and shut her up.



From the timeline it sounds like it was a woman in a leather jacket – gosh, weren’t women just a couple of weeks ago championing other women? Oh yeah, only women they agree with, the rest can be pepper sprayed, that’s right.


OUCH! S.E. Cupp calls out ‘friend’ Debra Messing for celebrating riot AGAINST free speech at Berkeley

CLUELESS Mayor of Berkeley Jesse Arreguin tweets BS about hate speech, regret-tweets 3 hours later

Editor’s note: It has been brought to our attention that the young lady may actually be wearing a bitcoin hat. Thanks!

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