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Whole lotta STUPID: Here are some of the dumbest tweets from the anti-life crowd on #MarchForLife

So. Much. Stupid.

Nothing brings out the anti-life, pro-abort crazies like a large group of people fighting to protect life. The stupid is out in full force today on the #MarchForLife tag so we thought HEY, why not feature some of the dumbest tweets from people complaining about those protecting life.


See, we’re givers.

Let’s start with NARAL:

Please. Control your body.

And no, abortion was not something ‘we’ fought for and no, it’s not a right.

Anyone else sick of them exploiting hungry kids to justify killing other kids?


Aww yes, the excuse that if the government won’t pay for the child it should die. Classy.


Okay, this is a new one – using abortion to push climate change?


Clumps of cells. Would someone please remind this gal that we are all just clumps of cells? Thanks.


Feel free to give up your food there, chief.




Pence wasn’t welcome at the #WomensMarch, like so many other pro-life people.



Religion. Oy.

When pro-aborts started demanding abortion via tax dollars they made it everyone’s business.



We’re not sure this guy knows how babies are even made.

Psh, what else would you expect from people who promote death?

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