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Michelle Malkin shares powerful #MarchForLife image, SJWs explode in cloud of glitter glue, sweat and regret

As thousands and thousands of men, women and children gather to March for Life today, Michelle Malkin shared a lovely image on Twitter as a reminder of how beautiful ‘coexisting’ can be:


Malkin even shared where folks can buy a sticker of the image to display their Pro-life support because in this day and age, where women think wearing a vagina on their head is empowerment, it’s more important than ever to speak out about what real empowerment looks like.

And that’s protecting innocent life.

Didn’t take long for the SJWs to trigger over the image …


Always the penis with these people, right? Forget their inability to use the correct form of ‘there’ in this tweet … and since when did government pay for porn and topless bars? C’mon, Bill Clinton has been out of office for decades.



We’re not entirely sure what this gent is saying, something about putting innocent life before refugees being a bad thing we think? Surprised he could tie his shoes today, let alone try and debate Malkin on life.



More proof that while coexisting with the unborn is a lovely thing, coexisting with the stupid who thinks it’s ok to kill them is nearly impossible.


SO TRIGGERED: Jessica Valenti melts down over #MarchForLife, goes on bizarre kidney rant

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