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Pro-life parents share inspiring stories about strength and choosing life on #MyUnintendedJoy

We hear a lot from the pro-abort crowd about strength and courage, and how it supposedly takes a brave person to choose abortion.

Planned Parenthood has been encouraging women for years to #ShoutTheirAbortions on Twitter, like it’s something to be proud of. Luckily a group of pro-life women came together and started a hashtag on Twitter to combat that narrative, and push life instead …


Seriously. Shouldn’t we take a moment to celebrate moms who choose life?

You’ll love these tweets / stories,  BUT we suggest you get a tissue first:

Indeed, living on two very different planets driven by very different ideals. Scary ain’t it?


Adoption, something we hear far too little about. Make adoption simpler, make abortion more difficult – you’d save lives.

THIS IS AMAZING. If you take a moment to read Ham’s story we guarantee you will cry, but you’ll come away with such a renewed respect and joy for life. Promise.



Oh, and plenty of dads shared their “unintended joy” as well.

Seems a lot of parents made tough choices and have no regrets. Funny how that works out.


Of course pro-aborts trolled the tag and tried to play the victim, that somehow parents sharing their choosing life was mean to them? Yeah, we don’t get it either.

The tag continues. If you have a story to tell post it to #MyUnintendedJoy; if you just need a smile and reminder that life is good, check it out.


Party of science declares heartbeat from ultrasound ‘imaginary’

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