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You DID build this! Ridiculous Obama shot/chaser about 'severe partisanship' is eye-roll inducing

Even after eight LONG years of openly divisive rhetoric and painful partisanship, Obama has the nerve to act surprised by the tone set in D.C.

In fact, this shot/chaser from CounterMoonbat illustrating how dense he is about his own behavior may actually be the perfect tweet to sum up the Obama administration.


Gosh things are so partisan … get in the back, GOP.

Wonder how it came to this, right?

YEAH! Remembering stuff is divisive or something.

Honestly you just have to laugh when you see these sorts of things side-by-side, how absolutely full of it Obama has been from day one.

Because if you don’t laugh, you may not stop crying.

Good, yet absolutely sad, point.




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