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Here's a list of all the stories I couldn't write about this week...

Chief FULL-OF-BULL! Elizabeth Warren has the nerve to whine about THIS?

Democrats whining about Republicans and ethics.



Isn’t it desperate for the Democrats to deliberately drag this process out, Liz?

Billionaire cabinet nominees.

Because the people Hillary would have chosen would be poor, everyday Americans. Sure.

Imagine how much Warren would be screeching if Hillary had won the election and Republicans were dragging their feet in vetting her cabinet picks. And then posturing about ethics?

It’s hard to take her or any of them seriously when the speed that Obama’s picks were vetted in 2008 made presidential history.


How dare Republicans want to get through this process just as quickly!

Talk about ridiculous. Remember who Warren supported and endorsed for president?

That is hilarious coming from Warren, and by hilarious we mean predictable, tired and annoying.

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