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'I'm so tired of Islam being coddled'; Jenna Jameson unleashes Twitter Hell on 'triggered snowflakes'

It all started with Jameson sharing this:


And making a short comment regarding the incident …

Nothing too snarky, nothing outwardly hostile, just reality. In many of these attacks (notice we didn’t say ALL, delicate Lefties) who takes credit for killing innocent people? ISIS.

As you can imagine the Left was indeed triggered by Jameson’s comment and went after her on her timeline; luckily she wasn’t taking any guff from them, no matter how much they tried to attack her for her profession.

Democrats are incredibly sexist.

Editor’s note: Some of the things Leftists said to Jenna were so awful we are not comfortable publishing them; the content is available on Twitter if you want to see how horrible the Left treats women who dare disagree with them.

Hrm. Someone sounds triggered.



Basically this person said that Muslims attack more of their own, in essence saying it should be ok maybe? Again, the response was so foul we did not publish.

She is a Democrat’s worst nightmare. Indeed.

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