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Patton Oswalt has Trump epiphany after SJWs badger Steve Martin into deleting Carrie Fisher tweet

Gosh Patton, ya’ think?


The way SJWs attacked Steve Martin for talking about someone he obviously respected and found attractive appears to have been a wake-up call for Patton Oswalt, who has been a fairly outspoken detractor of Donald Trump.

Perhaps NOW he understands why so many people are sick and tired of the Left, particularly social justice warriors who go out of their way to attack men and screech about being politically correct.

That would have been epic … it also would have resulted in further eruptions from the unicorn-fart-sniffing warriors, but it would have been popcorn worthy to watch.

Because beauty is oppressive and stuff.

And what do you think feminists did when they saw Patton’s tweet?

But they did.


Truth hurts.

HA! They don’t get it. This is the behavior that empowered Trump’s message … by all means, keep this smug act up, elect him in 2020.

Yeah, let’s not call out our own.

Jesus didn’t write the tweet – ok, so that was a grammar dig but please, commas matter!

These people.

But they LOVE HIM when they agree with his politics.

SJWs are so damn fickle.

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