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UPDATED: Kurt Eichenwald strikes again: Dallas cops have no record of Eichenwald police report

Update: Per The Daily Caller




Oh good grief, this poor guy. If it wasn’t hilarious you’d almost have to feel sorry for him.


Someone should REALLY REALLY REALLY take his Twitter away because wow.

Twitter assailant?

This all started last week when Eichenwald went on Tucker Carlson’s show and it didn’t go so well.

After the show he had some sort of meltdown on Twitter that was quickly removed (we covered that and you can see the tweets here), and then someone sent him a tweet with an animated gif that supposedly gave him a seizure, at which point his wife tweeted on his account.


Finally, he tweeted that he would be taking a break to meet with lawyers and go after the person who allegedly gave him a seizure.


No, we’re not making this up. We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

Now Eichenwald is back, posting some legal paperwork and openly tweeting threats i.e., “I’m coming for you, you son of a bitch.”

As you can imagine, Twitter isn’t sure what to make of Eichenwald at this point; some people obviously feel sorry for him, others continue to mock and torment him with animated gifs about seizures.

Who needs soap operas when you can watch nonsense like this unfold on Twitter?

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