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WTF?! SERIOUSLY? 24 hours later CNN hacks STILL reporting no motive known in OSU attack

Huh … ya’ don’t say?


Oh CNN, you cheeky monkey you. Pretty sure we all knew the motive YESTERDAY when it became clear who this student was, what his thoughts were on Americans and gosh golly gee, that he was Muslim. And he felt that the media was making Americans hate him.

You really don’t know what the motive was?

Stop it.


It’s always someone else’s fault … surely Islamaphobia played a part in yesterday’s attack. He was so distressed that we might think he’s violent and dangerous that he decided to attack a bunch of people with his car and a knife thus PROVING he was violent and dangerous.



Psh, that jackassery is their bread and butter, man.

Truth is tough when you’re a Leftist hack.

Hrm. Maybe he got tired of standing in line for Black Friday? Cyber Monday didn’t work out for him? Hard to say.

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