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THE SKY IS FALLING! These tweets from Paul Krugman seem a tad triggered ... gosh, wonder why

A Democrat whining about a “set of norms.”



That’s rich.


At least he called America a republic.

Democrats use big words when they are trying to feel superior – hint, “culmination of a process.” *eye roll*

Still laughing over the idea that a Democrat would ever think they have the right to whine at the GOP over a set of norms.

Think about the political weaponization of a federal agency like the IRS?


Blame Bush! EIGHT YEARS LATER and he’s still blaming Bush.


Democrats wouldn’t know a boundary if one fell out of the sky, landed on their stupid faces and started to wiggle.

Thuggish? Isn’t that a racist term, Paul? And please, Obama loves his pen and his phone so SPARE us your sanctimony over opposing authoritarianism.

Awww, and the hint at calling someone Hitler. So clever and kitschy.


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