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PEE YEW! After FBI bombshell Hillary REEKS of desperation (and cheap hairspray), this tweet proves it

Hillary and her team are REALLY working hard to make sure America knows there is nothing to see here about the latest emails and the FBI reopening the case.

Look at bullet one. What else would you call this, Hillary, other than “reopening” it?


Yeah, of course the DOJ told the FBI not to send the letter … shocking right? Because the Justice Department has been so forthcoming and cooperative when it comes to Hillary up to this point. *eye roll*

She certainly seems to be spinning and spinning and spinning this one, doesn’t she?

But but but … Hillary says there’s nothing to see here.


Fact. Yes. She is.


But see, she’s a Democrat and they don’t know how to take responsibility for their own actions. Hillary can’t figure out that SHE is responsible for this mess and can only manage to blame those around her. It’s not HER FAULT for being a sneaky, deceptive, corrupt, crony criminal … it’s the FBI’s fault for investigating her.


Yes, she reeks of desperation.

And sweat. And bad hairspray.

Don’t stand downwind, just sayin’.

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