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REALLY?! You won't believe what De Blasio said about the WTC. Ok, you might

Many gathered for a WTC event today, including Mayor Bill De Blasio who made a questionable remark regarding the original 9/11 terrorist attack.


3000 people dead, exactly HOW did their plan backfire, mayor?

Backfired. Such an odd choice of phrase.

He really really is. And sadly he probably thinks he said something brilliant and would be confused as to why Americans may not take what he said very well.

It’s like he missed that part.

How exactly does this make sense to anyone, even if they are a Democrat? That somehow losing 3000 innocent Americans could in any way, shape or form be seen as a backfire for the terrorists.

We rebuilt, we are strong but to imply that their actions backfired? That’s just gross.

Sadly America lost 3000 people that day, and we lost them badly.

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