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*Eye roll alert* Clueless Hillary Clinton 'confused' about WHO is actually blocking Zika funding

Republicans have tried to ‘fund this fight’ THREE TIMES, Hillary.


Tell your little Democrats to stop blocking the bill over Planned Parenthood if you really want to make this happen, granny. It’s hard to take you seriously about these issues when your priority is funding an organization that kills babies and sells their parts.

They are holding up funding to save lives over funding to take lives – Democrats really are disgusting.



And THAT’S the hold up, not that Republicans don’t want to help prevent Zika, they just want the bill to support LIFE and that does not include abortion clinics.



Yes, we included this tweet just because the writer called Hillary toots.


Seems simple enough, right?

Democrats are always complicating things.


You know that, and we know that, but her supporters will ignore reality and shake their fists at Republicans in between drinking their lattes and writing angry poetry.

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