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DERP! Smug NYT so busy criticizing #GaryJohnson about Aleppo they screwed THIS up

Oh silly, sad, misguided, angry and desperate to attack people for Hillary Clinton Leftist media … you so stooooopid.


They were SO anxious to slam Johnson for not knowing what Aleppo is they screwed up themselves. Classic New York Times.

It wouldn’t be so hilarious if they weren’t constantly so smug about every time about everything and everyone.

You’d think, but facts aren’t exactly their focus these days. It’s more about headlines and clicks than it is actual stories and information and hey, the sooner they could slam the Libertarian candidate the more clicks they’d get.

Which explains their YUGE and hilarious mistake.

Of course the whole Aleppo story is typical … and more proof of the ignorant and all but useless media.

Like we said, of course.

Nope, but the Times was.


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