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GOOD NEWS! Trump approves of Huma dumping Weiner

Well Huma, Donald approves.


Interesting how he ties it to Hillary – and to be fair, it’s not a bad point.

Not unlike the majority of Americans who wondered how she could stay with Weiner after what he’s done time and time again.

Is this politically dangerous? Or is this just looking out for a fellow human being? Interesting. Trump hasn’t had good things to say about Weiner, well, ever.

So is this purely political? Hard to say.


And honestly no matter what Trump does in this situation he won’t win with the press. If he says nothing, he doesn’t care, if he says something he’s playing politics.


In closing …

Ok ok ok, don’t get fussy … this was just too funny not to share.

Whether or not you’re a Trump supporter you gotta admit, this is pretty dang clever.

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