I feel like we need to put one of those really sad commercials from whatever animal support group is out there making me cry during the day together of Twitchy editors in cages (sorry, AOC!), crying, cold, scared … waiting for you guys to adopt one of us. BUT NOT REALLY adopt us, just donate a small amount every month to make sure we receive the best care, and you know, don’t go hungry. Or get shut down by Big Tech.


Maybe we can even get Sarah McLaughlin to sing a sad song to be played behind the footage of yours truly making the saddest face EVER at the camera.

IT COULD WORK. Work with me here, people.

After all, every time we ask you, dear wonderful, amazing RAD reader, to become a VIP Member, in essence, we are asking you to help keep us going – especially as we learn more and more about what was being done on social media to control the very narrative that would like nothing more than to shut us down. Sure, you get RAD content as a VIP Member (and hopefully some Twichy podcasts, hang-outs, and other cool stuff when we are redesigned later this year), BUT if that’s not enough, think about how you are doing your part to keep our lights on.

While pissing off the Biden administration because you are helping a bunch of Right-wing CRAZIES hold them and their crap agenda accountable.

Win-win, right?

Not enough? Sheesh, tough sell. Ok, here are some other reasons why signing up for a Twitchy VIP Membership is an awesome idea:

  1. It’s not fattening.
  2. All the cool kids are doing it.
  3. Your membership will keep evil spirits out of your house. No, seriously.
  4. For every person who signs up after reading this article, we’ll make Eric Swalwell cry.
  5. Alyssa Milano blocked us.
  6. Ron Perlman thinks we’re a bunch of Russians.
  7. David French has complained about us being big meanies, more than once.
  8. John Fugelsang has called us an “amoral attack site.”
  9. Tom Arnold has asked about interning for us (we said no).
  10. We’re freaking AWESOME.


See? All that and so much more for just $.13 cents a day as a VIP Member OR $.24 cents a day if you’re a big spender and sign up for a VIP Gold Membership. How could you not sign up?! Ok, don’t answer that because we know all too well that people can absolutely not sign up, but man, oh man, we’d really love it if you did. Also, just because I’m super cool, I’m going to give you a code that will take 50% off your membership … NO REALLY. Use code CENSORSHIP when you sign up and save BIG.

As I said, a win-win.