While not as outwardly stupid as Eric Swalwell, Senator Chris Murphy often tweets some of the biggest and most embarrassing self-owns on Twitter. Again, he’s not farting on national television or getting caught having an alleged inappropriate relationship with a Chinese Communist spy BUT he certainly does himself no favors, especially when he’s trying so desperately to pretend things really ARE better under Biden and the Democrats.

Americans know this is not true as they watch the price of eggs and gas climb and witness more and more violence in their communities, but hey, maybe if they pretend OTHER countries respect us more with Biden in charge maybe we’ll stop noticing how much everything sucks right now.

Yeah, not happening.

In fact, the only people who really buy into what Murphy is selling in his tweet about the world having confidence in Biden are the braindead turnips who already think he’s doing a good job.

But nice try, Chris. Really.

Countries know they can push Biden around, Chris.

They know they can take advantage of Biden.

They know Biden is no threat.

None of these things are worth bragging about.

See Ukraine.

*cough cough*



Wow, I knew people thought Biden sucked here in America but that’s brutal. No wonder Democrats are trying to figure out a way to keep Creepy Uncle Joe from running again next year. Yup, it’s already next year.

Crazy, I know.


Not in the least.

But whatever helps Chris sleep at night.