I’ve gotta tell you guys, watching the Left try and explain how it’s ok for Biden to have a bunch of classified documents in his possession after throwing such a hissy fit over Trump having them at Mar A Lago has been very entertaining. Not because I particularly find classified documents to be all that interesting but because their mental gymnastics trying to somehow avoid holding Biden to the same standards … impressive.

Can’t seem to pop enough popcorn watching these proglodytes pretend THIS IS DIFFERENT for Joe.

It’s not.

None of these situations ever are but for whatever reason, it’s AOK when Democrats do horrible things. There’s always someone willing to make an excuse, like Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi. C’mon, really?

Guess I should really just be glad she’s not pulling the Joy Behar card and claiming Biden is honest so we should give him the benefit of the doubt. Now THAT was bad.

This is bad too though.

Considering her comments in the past about rape and the Holocaust? I’m not entirely sure how Whoopi is still on television. Except for the fact she’s also a Democrat and they seem to get away with everything.

Must be nice to be a D.

Then again, that would mean I stop thinking for myself and start letting my armpit hair grow out.

Eh, pass. I’ll stick with being a mean ol’ Conservatarian.