Don’t get me wrong, I know what hater, uber-troll, and forehead-famous Angela Belcamino was doing when she started trashing conservative men on Twitter. Leftist trolls can only come up with so much content when the President of the United States is a Democrat turnip who spends his days saying bizarre stuff and doing awkward things. So why not go after men who will never ever waste any time being attracted to her … it’s a great way to get the attention she so desperately needs.

What was interesting for me though was not that I felt the need to defend conservative men (they can defend themselves, clearly) but that her nasty tweets only reminded me about what I really and truly love about conservative men. It’s easy to be thankful for family, jobs, money, etc. during Thanksgiving and the holidays, but we should also take a moment to be thankful for conservative men.

Especially when they are so often the target of hatred, trolling, and other stupid, like Belcamino.

It all started here:

Liberal men are more attractive than conservative men? Really? I supposed if you like your men soft, delicate, and easily offended that you’d want a liberal man. Me? Not so much. I like a man who can think for himself, say what he really believes, and not worry about what the media and Hollywood types are telling him he should be. My husband has always been a conservative Hell-raiser … back when we were first married and living in Wisconsin, it was College Game Day and we were on the ‘bus’ heading to Camp Randall. It was 2004 (yes, I just dated myself) and Bush was running against Kerry. While we made our way to the stadium, we noticed a bunch of women jogging down the street next to the bus in Kerry t-shirts, who were waving at us. Cheering, ‘VOTE KERRY FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS! VOTE KERRY!’

My husband smiled broadly, waved (they waved back), and then flipped them off while mouthing something I cannot say, even though this is VIP. All I can say is that it rhymed with pluck you.

It was glorious.

The mister is obviously a conservative man, thank God. Conservative men don’t GAF about the feelings of strangers. They care about their family, their friends, their country, and their God. What’s not to love about that?

She continued:

I won’t even bother with this because we all know conservative men are better lovers.

At least they know a man from a woman … just sayin’.


Yeah, the comments on her tweet are great:

Yeah, no thanks.

Me either.

Just doesn’t do it for me. I like a man with a full beard who can make me laugh – who isn’t afraid to tell the delicate flowers on the Left to bust off. I will always be thankful for conservative men. In fact, after you get done reading this, if you are a conservative man, thank you, if you’re not, go thank a conservative man. We need more of them.