Don’t mind me, I just threw up in my mouth a little.


After eight years of listening to Barack Obama talk about how horrible America was, how racist we all were, and how everything wrong with the world was our fault, you’d think nothing he could say or tweet would piss me off anymore but NOPE … he managed it.

I suppose since Obama’s serving his third term (cough cough) and the old white guy who can’t remember if he’s a senator or the president will take the blame for all of the horrific policies and ideas he’s unleashed on us he felt like he had to comment about Fauci exiting at the end of December.

He’s grateful for everything Fauci did.

Considering it helped sway an election his way I suppose he IS grateful.

A-hole. Yeah, I know, that’s not mature but too bad. Heh.

No, Barry.

He’s done.

So done.

Oh, sure, he’ll write books about how hard he worked to SAVE OUR LIVES, and idiots on the Left will buy them and pretend they’re enlightened for being so supportive of SCIENCE, but the rest of us will never forgive him for the needless deaths, loved ones dying alone, going without funerals, no weddings, businesses being destroyed, and kids losing two years of their education and their very LIVES. Forget about the mental damage done to our children in the name of protecting them.

I suppose deep down I hope Fauci isn’t done, that he still stands before Rand Paul and some committee having to answer for everything he did, but I’m not holding my breath.

Sort of solidifies how much most of us hate him. Yup.

It’s nice to see so many people are as pissed off about Fauci as I am.

We won’t forget.


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