You guys, stories like this one are why I have really white hair already.

Ok, so that’s not entirely true, I have had really white hair since I turned 30 because genetics are cruel and my grandpa had super white hair before he was 30 but I digress. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have white hair anyway it would have gone white when I see stories like this one.

Taking place in my home state of Virginia right now.

Fairfax County Public Schools employed a counselor at one of their middle schools who was on the sex registry for soliciting prostitution with a minor … oh, and here’s the kicker.


The county he was arrested in contacted Fairfax and told them … more than once.

And they wonder why Youngkin won.

And here I was all pissed off because they are forcing masks on kids in Fairfax County again this fall.

This, however, is far far far worse.

From NBC 4:

Parents in Fairfax County received letters telling them a school counselor who until recently was working at a middle school was convicted of a sex crime.

Fairfax County Public Schools insists the employee was fired as soon as it found out about the conviction.

Darren Thornton worked as a counselor at Glasgow Middle School.

FCPS Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid sent a letter to every parent in the district Thursday. It did not name Thornton, but it said the counselor has been terminated and FCPS is petitioning the state to revoke his license.

The school recently learned Thornton was convicted of solicitation of prostitution from a minor outside of the county. It’s unclear how long ago he was convicted.

Except we do have an idea of how long ago he was arrested.

Yeah, this gets even worse.

So Chesterfield County arrested this guy in 2020 … and they notified the Fairfax Public Schools superintendent on November 20, 2020.

Nothing. Happened.

Arrested more recently … AGAIN.



Honestly, we are very lucky here in Virginia that we elected Youngkin, Sears, and Miyares because decades of Democrat leadership have led us here. The unfortunate part is things are such a mess, especially in Fairfax County, that four years may not be enough time to really clean things up. Like Loudoun County, we imagine these sorts of stories will continue to break as the people who have been protecting these predators go bye-bye under our new leadership.

Stay tuned.

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