Dude, how hard is it NOT to make lame Hitler references? Seriously. If you have to use Hitler to make your point, unless you’re discussing the horrors of the Holocaust, your point is stupid.





You’d think a principled conservative like Robert Tracinski would know better but … nope.

Matthew Dowd made the ignorant argument first, and then Bob doubled down:

So if you care more about your family possibly going without food OR your ability to put gas in your car than you do the January 6th circus you would have backed Hitler.

Helluva take, guys.

We get it, you all pushed Biden, supported Biden, voted for Biden and he’s decimating this country so instead of accepting responsibility for what you did, you want to pretend podunk Americans who are watching gas go up sometimes more than once a day are just too stupid to know they should REALLY care more about Liz Cheney’s little committee.

And they wonder why we dislike them so much.

Hoo boy.

Right? If you don’t know how Hitler actually came to power maybe steer clear of the Hilter hot takes.


Bro, do you even history?




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