The Democratic Party LOVES their special privileges.

It’s true.

They are more than happy to lecture the rest of us about masking, social distancing, our use of fossil fuels, eating sugar, vaccinating or not vaccinating … you get the picture. It’s sort of like how Democrats are INCREDIBLY generous, with someone else’s money.

John Hayward wrote a pretty spectacular thread about Democrats, their special privileges, and totalitarianism.

Take a look:

Must have benefits.

Keep going.

Look how awesome it is to be one of us! If you’re one of us you can get away with horrible stuff and if that other side calls you out we’ll just claim they’re insurrectionists, Nazis, bigots, racists and our pals in the media will help if get it done.


The politicization of EVERYTHING.

No kidding.

And yes, it IS exhausting.

Whoopi anyone?

THEY are essential.

Where have we heard this before?

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Like Obama and his birthday party? They were all super distinguished so it was ok … or something.

Their little people are AOK with being treated like crap because hey, at least they’re part of the party, right?

How could anyone in Hollywood be a Republican!? We must punish them!

Sound familiar?

Why they hate Joe Rogan … and anyone who stands up to ‘the party’.



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