Which one of the big guy’s friends got this sweet deal?

Sound like Solyndra to anyone else?

Biden admin is super excited about their new COVID test strip factory, there’s just one hiccup.

From Fox Business:

The Biden administration has signed a $137 million contract with a pharmaceutical company for the purpose of building a factory for COVID-19 test strip materials, a White House official confirmed to FOX Business on Wednesday.

Sounds good, right?

Except …

But the new facility will not start churning out the materials for three years, according to the company. If the timeline is correct, the deal will not alleviate the administration’s scramble to make more tests available in the near future amid a lack of supply for Americans. The administration is under fire for reportedly rejecting a deal in October that would have strongly ramped up the supply of COVID tests.

Ummm, ok? How exactly does that help us NOW? Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t.


We made that same face.