One of the saddest things we watched happen while Trump was president, was the complete implosion of people on the Left, especially people like Martina Navratilova who many of us grew up watching and cheering for.

On second thought, it really wasn’t even just Trump, COVID itself has shown us such an ugly side to the human condition …

She deleted her tweet mocking Tennessee conservative radio host Phil Valentine’s death (after getting dragged for hours and hours), but luckily we can always count on Siraj Hashmi to snag it if we don’t get the chance.

The guy didn’t lose his job.

Or his Twitter account.

He lost his LIFE.

But you know, womp-womp.

She got fussy with Siraj:


She did try to defend her tweet over and over again …

Looking at Valentine’s timeline we don’t see him ‘laughing’ about people dying. We do see a healthy bit of distrust of the vaccine, but nothing like Louis Farrakhan outright telling his followers not to take the vaccine. Wonder if Martina would be this ugly if something happened to him.

We’re going to guess no.


Drug addicts don’t kill anyone with their behavior?


But a talk show host with a vaccine parody does.


Except, as we all know, she did delete her original tweet.

Really reaching.

This is the opposite of classy, Martina.

It just didn’t go well for her.

Like, at all.

This works.


Maybe she FINALLY got the message because she did delete it, but then she came back with this garbage so maybe she didn’t.


Yes. ANYONE who took issue with Martina using Valentine’s death in such an ugly way must totally be a bot or a troll. Surely, no normal, sane, human being on Twitter would object to her all but celebrating the death of someone she didn’t even know.

Twitter is disgusting and horrible.

This tweet though, one said it best (which is probably why Martina didn’t respond):

Mercy knows no politics.

Too many people forget that these days.



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