We can’t think of a better way for someone to tell us they don’t have kids without actually telling us they don’t have kids.

Who are these people?!

As usual, don’t answer that.

Genuine question for Dr. Ellie Murray, ‘Are you totally eff’d in the head?’

Would someone please send this doctor all of the studies that have been done on the increase of mental illness in kids who are not in school? The number of suicides? It’s just so damn irritating to read these sorts of tweets from people who may not have any idea whatsoever what they’re talking about.

And who should know better.

If she does have kids in school, this is even more disconcerting.

Like, schools are just schools and stuff. And like, your great grandparents didn’t get to go to school so it’s like, no big deal.

Says the woman who went to school so much she ended up being a doctor.


Mystifying to her.


Impressively dumb, right?

Join the club.

Puzzling indeed.



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