Have we mentioned that everything is getting more ridiculous? Because yeah, everything is getting more ridiculous.

That being said, we kinda sorta and totally dig this older shop owner in Aberdeen, WA standing up for what he believes and defending a sign in his shop, even when Council Member and trans-woman Tiesa Meskis tried to bully him into taking it down.

You’d think she would have more important things to worry about like getting kids back in school and their dying economy BUT nope.

Watch this:

She didn’t get her way so she threatened this old man with a protest aka attack from Antifa.

Gotta love it when elected officials show you who they REALLY are.


What a train wreck.

Oh, but here’s where the story gets even better.

Brave Antifa ran away!


But people might fight back and that’s not FAAAAAAAAIR.



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