Clearly, many people just do not trust the government when it comes to the vaccine.

This thread, which is pretty damn epic, does an exceptional job of explaining WHY and what they should do differently..

Take a look.

Get a snack, this is sorta long but well worth your time.

Guilt only works if they buy into your premise.

Remember the talking points about how people were killing grandma?

Keep going.

Impossible to persuade.

In other words, our pals on the left, in the media, in public health, and the government have done the exact opposite of what they should.

But you guys knew that already.



They will never ever admit they screwed up.

And will continue screwing up because of just that.

Ding ding ding.

We’re not sure they know how NOT to act holier-than-thou but fair point.


This means the ding-dongs who should use it won’t.

Don’t act like you own it.

So much THIS.

Too bad blue states and Biden himself haven’t figured this out yet.



‘LMAO, who are you?!’ Alex Vindman begs for help ‘getting the word out’ on his book no one cares about and HOLY MOLY that’s a lotta backfire