You guys remember Alex Vindman right?

No? The little weeble-wobble of a dude who said he heard a Trump phone call or something?

Seems you’re not alone.

Vindman was a whistleblower during ONE of the Trump impeachment trials (crazy there were more than one of these things) and it appears he is now trying to make bank from his experience with a new book … that nobody knows or cares about.

This was not the smartest thing he could have tweeted, just sayin’.

People forgot about him already.


But not quite as sad as begging for help ‘getting the word out’ about his sad little book.

See what we mean?

Such perfection right here.

Wonder if ol’ Vindman has many leather-bound books and if his apartment smells of mahogany since he’s kind of a big deal.



That’s a big ol’ pass from us too, hoss.

Sensing a theme here.


Double ouch.

Gotta watch out for those random polls.




And then wrote a crappy book about it.

And triple ouch.