It’s not often that I get to write in the first person because at Twitchy our job is to write about YOU GUYS. Not us. But since I am the one who got locked over a fairly innocuous tweet about the Fauci emails … here I am.

And trust me, I know the ‘writer’ never wants to be the story.

And trust me again, I had no intention of being the story when I quote tweeted this:


Welp, this is the tweet that got me in trouble:

If any of you follow me you know this is tame.

No cursing.

No chainsaws.

Just a basic, ‘Holy crap, this looks bad for Facebook’.

Maybe Twitter has a thing against throwing up? I dunno … but they locked me for 12 hours over it. I can’t tweet, I can’t answer tweets, I can’t share tweets.




Over THAT!

Note, his tweet is still up but my quote-tweet was spreading disinformation. Or something.

What’s really unnerving here about my tweet is that I’m in trouble for an idea. Not the tweet. Usually, when Twitter locks you it’s because you use a word they don’t like. It’s not about ‘disinformation’ around COVID … and again, my tweet doesn’t even say Facebook did anything. It just said huh, if you were wondering take a look.

And they locked me?

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.