Biden never met a crisis he couldn’t fail during … and impressively at that.

As we all know, if Trump were still president the media would have a non-stop feed of the number of homes that lost power, the number dead in Texas, blaming each and everyone on him, and somehow finding a way to claim his racism kept him from doing more.

But since it’s Biden it’s been fairly quiet, unless they can find a way to blame Abbott.

This is why this thread from @amuse about what happened with the power and energy is so very damning, for Biden.

Take a gander.

Surely they granted Abbott what he needed, right?


So if they raised the prices they could offer more power to freezing Texans.

Did we read that right?

Because of course, they did.


This just gets worse and worse.

Can you IMAGINE if Trump had done this?!

And calling him a racist.


Awww, good to know.


C’mon man, we all know their narrative and agenda is protecting Sleepy Joe aka #PresidentSilverAlert so no WAY they will tell the whole story.

Welcome to 2021.


More coming out about what may have happened here in Texas (but again, it’s a story in progress):

Amuse did update his thread to include:

We’ll keep you posted as the story continues …



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