We’re starting to wonder if Paul Krugman has set any sort of record for the number of times he’s been WRONG. Remember when he said the Internet was just a fad? Good times.

Apparently, he is also quite triggered by the fact that Politico allowed Ben Shapiro to guest-write for them, going so far as to accuse Ben of being a prominent apologist for extremism.

Yeah, we couldn’t believe he had the gall to write this either.


Really? C’mon man.

Paul, this is dumb even for you.

From The Washington Post:

Top editors at Politico thought they would mix things up by tapping a rotating cast of guest writers for the daily “Playbook” before they named a permanent new team for their marquee newsletter. The guests included documentarian Ken Burns, Free Beacon editor in chief Eliana Johnson, MSNBC host Chris Hayes and “PBS NewsHour” White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor.

And then came Ben Shapiro. The popular and provocative right-wing commentator authored Thursday’s Playbook, in which he wrote sympathetically that the GOP’s resistance to impeaching President Trump for inciting the Capitol riot was not because they were untroubled by his behavior but because of “a deep and abiding conservative belief that members of the opposing political tribe want their destruction.”

The amount of freak out over a conservative writer penning a piece for Politico has been very telling. And that Paul Krugman felt the need to write an entire piece about it is just the progressive cherry on top. Like many others, Paul seems to think publications should be segregated when it comes to their writers – right and left. But please, tell us more about unity.

Paul wouldn’t know a robust political debate if one fell out of the sky, landed on his dippy face, and started to wiggle.

This. ^

Maybe two.

It’s what they do.



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