We’re not sure if we’d call what the media is doing as it carries water for their guy Sleepy Joy ‘interesting’ but it’s somethin’. To be fair, we thought they’d at least wait until Biden was actually in office before the perpetual arse-kissing kicked in but … nope.

PoliMath’s thread on how they’re covering the COVID vaccine is spot on (like the headline said!):

Distribute 100 million vaccines?

Huh, doesn’t sound all that ambitious considering how things are going …



Trump could call the sky blue and the media would call him a racist.

Biden could call the sky blue and the media would claim he’s super clever and OMG look at how sexy he is when he takes his sport-coat off! *sorry, we just threw up in our mouths a little because we didn’t make the sexy thing up*

So vaccines are slow and disastrous OR ambitious and successful. Make up your minds, media.



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