We’re not sure when Democrats decided to start electing people who are completely ignorant when it comes to how the government pays for things but man … we wish they’d knock it off already. The country would be in far better shape if people who think the answer to all our problems is taxing the rich for government handouts weren’t in office.

Like Ilhan ‘Married Her Brother Then Divorced Him Then Married Another Guy Who She Divorced To Marry This Other Guy Who Cheated On His Wife With Her And Received Big Bucks From The First Covid Relief’ Omar.

Shew! That was a long middle name.


Sorry, we know this is immature but all we can think about when reading her tweet is HURR DURR.

It’s really just that stupid.

The federal government’s main job is literally to defend this country, hence the defense bill. As for the tax cuts they have their talking points, clearly, and they are as stupid as you’d expect.

Failing leftist cities that destroyed themselves over the summer to prove they cared about black lives or something.

Excuse us but we were told there would be no math or common sense.


Noooope. Not really.


This. ^

This too. ^

And there’s the biggest issue of all. Nancy Pelosi admitted she held back on relief to play politics so please SPARE US the bullsh*t around greedy Republicans being at fault for this mess.




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