Funny how so many so-called medical experts spent so much time poo-pooing any and every bit of good news around fighting COVID in 2020, including the development of a vaccine which they said was IMPOSSIBLE.

Glenn Greenwald put together a fairly exceptional and damning thread calling these a-holes and the media out:

Experts. Right, media, tell us another one.

Experts in hating Trump maybe.

Glenn continued:

All they cared about was setting Trump up to look the fool and then claim he mishandled the virus so they could win an election.

Hell, Nancy Pelosi all but admitted it.

Clicks and taps, baby.




Like Nancy said, a new president.

That’s all this was ever about.

He did what they wanted him to do.


Ding ding ding.

And willing to misinform and terrify the world to push an agenda.

Let’s hear it for the mainstream media!



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